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Mike Tyson in intimidatingly peak physical form ahead of Roy Jones Jr. bout

Mike Tyson continues to prepare for a remarkable return to the ring later this month at the age of 54 in a highly anticipated bout with Roy Jones Jr.

With just over two weeks remaining before the fight, the former heavyweight champion took to social media Monday to prove without a doubt just how seriously he’s taking the fight.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” proved the moniker fits even at such an advanced age in intimidating fashion, as Tyson posted images on Instagram that showcase a chiseled physique that hearkens back to when he ferociously laid waste to the heavyweight division back in the 1980s.

Tyson will face Jones Jr. in a bout that was rescheduled to Nov. 28 from Sept. 12 in order to generate more buzz and interest. The eight-round fight is fully sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission and will be scored by a recognized sanctioning body.  The winner will also receive a specially-commissioned belt.

The brutality inherent to each and every Tyson training video that hits the internet provides ample evidence that Tyson remains in remarkably good shape and still possesses impressive speed and intimidating power despite being well into his 50s.

Further, the above photos without question put an exclamation point on the potential that the former champ is primed to prove he can can translate all the grueling workouts and intense training into a true ring spectacle.

What’s more, it may not even be his last fight, a notion Tyson teased just last week.