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Warriors’ Bob Myers hopes Steph Curry is a ‘Tom Brady type’ who can play until 40

Stephen Curry is 32 years old and about to embark upon his 12th NBA season. Despite accumulating a lot of mileage on his body due to the Golden State Warriors’ several deep postseason runs, one member of the team’s front office envisions Curry ideally still being around for close to another decade.

Warriors president/general manager Bob Myers recently expressed hope that Curry will somehow be able to play until the superstar approaches his 40s.

Myers looked no further than a certain NFL quarterback whose rigorous workout and offseason regimen, rigid diet and overall health-conscious lifestyle has him somehow still eluding Father Time.

“The plan is we’re hoping Curry can be like a Tom Brady type,” Myers said, chuckling at the thought of eight more years with No. 30, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “We’re hoping he can be 40, or whatever it is, and pulling up from half court and being as effective and on some special diet.”

Despite playing in only five games due to injury during the 2019-20 season and only 51 in 2017-18, Curry has remained remarkably healthy throughout his NBA career.

Another component Myers brought up concerning how Curry is well-positioned to enjoy significant longevity in his career is how shooters are not as effected by age when compared to other positions. Second, genetics could play a role as well, as Curry’s father Dell — a well-regarded NBA sharpshooter in his own right — played in the league until he was almost 38.

“Shooters don’t stop learning how to shoot. I never was one and I’m not one, so I can’t relate,” Myers said. “Look, that’s a good thing. That is a fact. Shooters age well.”

Further, Curry’s personal trainer, Brandon Payne, can’t see any reason why the Warriors star can’t play for several more years, if not longer.

“He’s a young 32. He’s still gaining strength, he’s still gaining power, he’s still getting faster,” Payne said. “Those aren’t things you see out of guys that are 32 years old.

“He’s still refining movement patterns, and all athletes develop at different speeds … not only is his skill level evolving continually, but is body still is developing. And that is a rare thing for a guy at 32 in the NBA.”

Whether Curry follows in his father’s footsteps and plays into his late 30s is of course unknown. It sounds like those who know him best can at least see it happening, though.