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NFL team O.C.: Tom Brady ‘looks frustrated’ in Bucs offense

Tom Brady has had an up-and-down debut season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with a few standout performances amid the team’s six victories and some real duds in three losses.

Could the six-time Super Bowl winner’s uneven 2020 have something to do with the Bucs’ offense being a bad fit for his skill set? An offensive coordinator for an NFL team believes that might be the case.

The unnamed coordinator recently broke down Brady’s film from the Bucs’ narrow victory over the subpar New York Giants in Week 8.

“I would have said Tier 1 [quarterback] until I watched the game against the Giants. Tom didn’t look very good. He looks frustrated,” the O.C. told Mike Sando of The Athletic. “I think they are having a tough time meshing what Brady wants to do and what Bruce has always done. Brady doesn’t always have good outlets, and Bruce might not be giving him good outlets because he wants to throw it up the field. It will be interesting how that plays out.”

When Brady stunned the NFL world by signing with the Buccaneers this past offseason after a two-decade run with the New England Patriots, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians made it clear he would not completely overhaul his system to accommodate Brady.

However, Bucs quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen indicated Arians would be inclined to incorporate schemes and approaches favored by Brady.

“I think what we’ll see here (in Tampa)┬áis Bruce’s offense with a Brady influence,” Christensen told Bob Kravitz of The Athletic in May. “Bruce wants to keep the offense the same. We did some good things last year. Tom has been terrific as far as saying, ‘Just tell me what you want to do.'”

Brady had an interesting but collegial relationship with Bill Belichick during their successful partnership, and odds are the three-time MVP will develop a decent rapport with Arians as time goes on.

That said, the fact that Arians continues to throw Brady under the bus after bad games and won’t treat the quarterback with kid gloves will not help things along in that regard.

Working on improving the effectiveness of the offense — and easing Brady’s purported frustration — is nevertheless the first order of business. Doing so at 6-3 and in playoff position obviously leaves the Bucs on solid ground to do so.