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Footage surfaces of high school-aged Kirk Cousins singing, dancing in musicals

Kirk Cousins was much more than a star athlete during his teenage years, as evidence has resurfaced of the Minnesota Vikings quarterback performing — singing, dancing, the whole nine yards — during his high school days.

The footage comes from Cousins’ time at Holland Christian High School in Holland, Mich. The song-and-dance routines are highlighted by Cousins taking on lead vocals in one of the most beloved musicals in American theater: “Oklahoma!” Cousins dominates on the ditty, “Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin.'”

From there, Cousins is shown performing as part of an a capella group on a rendition of “Pretty Woman.” There’s some filler beyond that featuring Cousins doing some two-step moves and much, much more.

It goes without saying that most folks who performed in high school musicals or theater might be horrified over footage of their awkward years surfacing on the internet. Having said that, odds are Cousins will likely shrug off any potential embarrassment given he’s grown accustomed to being rung through the wringer throughout his NFL career.

What’s more, the man behind the “YOU LIKE THAT!” viral postgame meltdown most assuredly embraces having a flair for the dramatic, so what’s wrong with his high school theater days getting showcased on social media?

You only live once, right? And the way Cousins morbidly confronts his own mortality and has a grim outlook on the coronavirus shows how the Vikings quarterback lives in the now, not in the past.

Cousins’ love of musicals has endured, too, as showcased in a video of him spitting out lines from “Hamilton” years ago when he was still with the Washington Football Team.