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Mike Tyson envisioning additional bouts after Roy Jones Jr. fight?

Mike Tyson continues to prepare for a remarkable return to the ring later this month at the age of 54 in a highly anticipated bout with Roy Jones Jr. Is it possible that the former heavyweight champ may be plotting more fights in the future?

According to Iron Mike himself, the answer is “yes.” Maybe.

“I don’t know. I might do this for a while. Let’s check this stuff out,” Tyson told ESPN’s Peter Rosenberg this week. “It would be so awesome if we could do this all around the world and fight the best fighter in that country, exhibitions with this guy in that country, exhibitions all over the world. Wouldn’t that be great?

“I wanted to fight a four-round exhibition, next thing I know, I’m fighting Roy Jones, it’s eight rounds and I got three judges and I got a belt involved,” he continued. “Now you tell me, is this an exhibition? You tell me. What the f— is going on? I want an exhibition, now I got a belt involved. C’mon, man.”

Tyson will face former boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in a bout that has been rescheduled to Nov. 28 from Sept. 12 in order to generate more buzz and interest. 

The brutality inherent to each and every Tyson training video that hits the internet provides ample evidence that Tyson remains in remarkably good shape and still possesses impressive speed and intimidating power despite being well into his 50s.

To the point that Tyson notes in his comments, the California State Athletic Commission has cautioned that the Tyson-Jones Jr. bout is more of a showcase than a legitimate boxing match. However, the eight-round fight will be fully sanctioned and scored by a recognized sanctioning body.  The winner will also receive a specially-commissioned belt.

As for who Tyson could fight next should his bout with Jones go well and leaves “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” hungry for more, that of course remains to be seen. However, if the Tyson-Jones fight generates huge pay-per-view numbers, there is no doubt a promoter will do their part to figure something out.