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Lamar Jackson: Opposing defenses ‘calling out our plays, stuff like that’

Lamar Jackson made a startling admission this week by essentially stating that opposing defenses know which plays the Baltimore Ravens are about to run before the ball is snapped.

The Ravens’ passing game has not been clicking all season, and the offense as a result has been inefficient overall with things worsening by the week.

The blame, as is often the case when an offense struggles, begins and ends with the quarterback. Jackson has conceded as much at points this season, but the reigning MVP strangely and seemingly pointed the finger elsewhere in remarks this week.

Baltimore’s anemic passing game unsurprisingly is exemplified by Jackson’s struggles this season, and his underwhelming play has relegated him to at or near the bottom of most quarterback-centric statistics.

Perhaps more concerning than Jackson’s performance this season is how he revealed in an interview with Rich Eisen Wednesday that opposing defenses somehow are aware of what the Ravens are trying to do on offense.

The Ravens have a lot of work ahead of them to turn things around on offense, especially when Jackson drops back to pass. A chart from the Ravens’ win over the Colts last Sunday arguably illustrates at least one issue that needs to be addressed.

Baltimore so far has been been able to overcome their offensive deficiencies and sit at the midseason point with a 6-2 record. Still, unless Jackson and the coaching staff can figure things out — especially how defenses are purportedly predicting their plays — it’s unlikely the Ravens will enjoy a deep postseason run against quality competition that will be able to exploit their ongoing weaknesses.