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Russell Wilson files ‘Let Russ Cook’ trademark for cooking utensils to benefit charity

“Let Russ Cook” has become an oft-used catchphrase in recent years by fans pleading with the Seattle Seahawks to allow Russell Wilson to wreak havoc on opposing NFL defenses. The superstar quarterback is now looking to capitalize on the Seahawks-centric slogan, albeit for altruistic purposes.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben was the first to announce that Wilson has filed a trademark application for “Let Russ Cook.”

The filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office seeks to allow Wilson to exclusively use “Let Russ Cook” on a line of cooking utensils and tools, as well cooking attire like chef’s hats and aprons.

The Seahawks superstar does not aspire to profit personally from products secured by the trademark. Mark Rodgers, Wilson’s agent and attorney, has indicated the Seahawks quarterback will instead direct all proceeds to his Why Not You Foundation.

The “Let Russ Cook” catchphrase became a popular way for fans, analysts and the like to publicly pressure the Seahawks to turn away from its longstanding run-heavy attack during the Pete Carroll era and instead turn Wilson loose in the passing game.

While it’s unlikely that the popularity of “Let Russ Cook” magically persuaded Carroll and the Seahawks coaching staff to at long last let Wilson shine, the quarterback has been magnificent this season through the air.

Wilson has a 71.5% completion percentage while passing for 2,151 yards and 26 touchdowns to six interceptions in an MVP-caliber campaign during which the Seahawks have posted a 6-1 record.