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Bills safety to Cam Newton after loss-sealing fumble: ‘You’re still great, bro’

Cam Newton received some words of encouragement from Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer after his fumble late in the fourth quarter sealed the New England Patriots’ crushing 24-21 loss in Week 8.

The Patriots were in position to either tie the game with a field goal or take the lead over the division-rival Bills when Newton coughed up the ball on a rush.

Given his struggles during the Patriots’ current four-game losing streak, one can only imagine how low Newton was feeling after his loss-sealing fumble.

In an admirable display of sportsmanship, a mic’d up Poyer could be heard in game footage shared by the Bills paying his respect to Newton despite the brutal turnover.

“Hey, you’re still great, bro,” Poyer told Newton. “You’re still great, bro.”

As the video shows, Poyer unsurprisingly first celebrated the Bills securing a victory over the Patriots, and for good reason. After all, Poyer was winless in 10 games across his career when facing the longstanding AFC East juggernaut Pats. It was also Buffalo’s first home win against New England since 2011.

As for Newton, things could not be going any worse for the former NFL MVP. After storming out of the gates in a manner that suggested the Patriots may not skip a beat despite the departure of six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, Newton’s quality of play has plummeted, both in the passing and running game.

Newton will retain his hold on the Patriots’ starting quarterback job, as decreed by head coach Bill Belichick after the game. Newton’s confidence presumably cannot be any lower right now, but the veteran nevertheless believes New England “can turn thing around” after a 2-5 start.

A vote of confidence by an opponent certainly can’t hurt Newton’s outlook about doing just that.