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Ryan Fitzpatrick sports short shorts in tribute to Isaiah Ford, trims beard

Ryan Fitzpatrick created quite the scene at Miami Dolphins practice Wednesday, as the newly minted backup to Tua Tagovailoa was spotted on the field rocking supremely short shorts.

What’s more, word on the street is that Fitzpatrick may have shaved his immaculate beard as well amid a demotion that the veteran admitted hit him pretty hard.

Footage from the pre-practice calisthenics, where Fitz’s skin-tight short shorts are instantly noticeable, follows.

While no evidence has surfaced on social media that confirms Fitzpatrick has indeed cut back his legendary and majestic facial hair in recent days, there is a great reason behind him donning the short shorts.

It turns out Fitzpatrick did so to pay tribute to wide receiver Isaiah Ford, who was dealt to the New England Patriots ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Fitzpatrick’s appearance at Wednesday’s practice obviously was an amusing tribute to a traded teammate, but his demotion despite leading the Dolphins to a 3-3 record to make way for first-round pick Tagovailoa was tough on him.

In fact, Fitz admitted being relegated to clipboard carrier left him “shocked” and “heartbroken.”

Despite his heavy heart, Fitzpatrick continues to demonstrate how he’s a class act and a team-first player who is unafraid to have a little fun at his own expense.