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Velveeta Twitter account shares anti-analytics NBA hot takes

One wouldn’t think to search out deep thoughts about the NBA by perusing the Twitter account of popular processed cheese food, but Velveeta has curiously changed the game.

On Monday, the official Twitter account of Velveeta unleashed a flurry of NBA-centric tweets, many of which railed against the value of an analytics-based parsing of the game.

A sampling of the anti-analytics screed, as curated by Dime Mag, shared by … Velveeta. It all started with whoever was running Velveeta’s Twitter account on Monday arguing that Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is the most underrated player in NBA history, a query offered up by Hoop Central.

Then, Velveeta’s official, evident bias against analytics was shared with the masses.

That is certainly quite a lot of information there to be processed, pun intended. That aside, perhaps Kevin Durant should consider entering into an endorsement partnership with Velveeta given their similarly shared views on the argued over-reliance on analytics.

Either way, let’s leave the bizarre events on Twitter Monday with one final thought: Velveeta’s takes on the NBA and advanced metrics are so hot they could melt … and do so much in a much smoother way when compared to a hunk of American cheese. In other words, it’s all liquid gold, folks.