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Plane flying around Philly on Election Day with Donald Trump-Jerry Jones banner

A plane circling the skies over Philadelphia on Election Day has a banner trailing it that highlights the friendship between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and President Donald Trump.

As documented in several social media dispatches, the banner being couriered above the City of Brotherly Love by the airplane in question reads “TRUMP <3’S JERRY JONES & THE COWBOYS.”

It’s possible that if there are any Eagles fans who have somehow not yet voted and remain on the fence about the contentious presidential race, the above “political ad” may sway them to vote for Democrat nominee Joe Biden. Time is quickly running out, though, obviously.

The supposition that Jones and Trump have at least a collegial relationship is largely something of a mystery, as the former is reluctant to admit to it given the latter’s polarizing presence in the world of sports throughout his presidency.

That being said, Jones did praise Trump a few weeks ago when the news broke that the President had contracted the coronavirus, as relayed by NBC Sports Philadelphia.

“By the way, while we’re talking about that, I want to express my sensitivity and concern for the President,” Jones said on a radio appearance. “But, again, no one in the world has the ability to handle this COVID any better than the office of the President of the United States.

“I’m very confident that he’ll be able to continue governing and really, really, I’m sure that he has anticipated this knowing him,” Jones said of Trump. “He’s the hardest worker you’ve ever seen. Knowing him, he’ll be able to go right on through and hopefully not miss a beat.”

Interestingly enough, Trump has a history with the Cowboys organization that precedes an apparent friendship with Jones, as relayed by Travis Hughes of NBC Sports Philadelphia.

All that aside, it goes without saying that if there’s one way to motivate Eagles fans to hate on something, pointing out a connection to Jones and the Cowboys surely is a great way to help the message resonate.