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Tom Brady’s COVID-19 suicide death toll claim debunked by PolitiFact

Tom Brady recently shared a dubious take on the toll the coronavirus pandemic is taking when it comes to a spike in suicides, and it has been debunked by a prominent and respected fact-checking website.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback shared his controversial opinion Tuesday via an Instagram story. In his social media dispatch, Brady argued that there have been “more suicide deaths than coronavirus deaths” in the “last two months.”

Brady went on to tell people in the story to “wash your hands and wear your masks but don’t forget to be nice to people and look after yourself.” A “TRUTH” stamp was also added to the post.

Politifact has since issued its ruling on the veracity of Brady’s claims, sharing the conclusion that “no matter which recent months you take, COVID-19 has killed far more people than suicide has per month historically.”

Instagram stories have a short online shelf life, as they are scheduled to expire soon after publication. It’s unclear in this instance, however, whether Brady took it down himself before the story was automatically removed.

It merits noting that this isn’t the first time Brady has shared a provocative opinion on COVID-19. Just as the pandemic began to rage across the country in early March, Brady posted an Instagram story in which he compared COVID-19 to other ongoing global health issues in an arguably misguided attempt to put the developing situation into “perspective,” as he put it.

In other words, Brady putting these kind of claims out there when it comes to COVID-19 is becoming a minor trend at this point.