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Nick Foles reacts to Tom Brady’s dubious explanation to handshake snub

Nick Foles has been snubbed by Tom Brady on the traditional handshake snub not once, but twice, and the veteran quarterback continues to take the high road concerning the pair of postgame slights.

Following the Bears’ 20-19 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a Week 5 matchup on “Thursday Night Football” at Soldier Field, cameras covering the postgame interactions between players documented how Brady did not seek out Foles to shake hands.

It’s certainly a breach of standard postgame protocol, not to mention arguably a sign of poor sportsmanship. What makes the snub perhaps that much more egregious is how, as noted, there is some history when it comes to Brady’s postgame avoidance of Foles.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ upset victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Brady declined to meet with his fellow quarterback after the game.

Foles downplayed the slight in the weeks following the Super Bowl, and he did so again after the Week 5 snub.

Which brings us to this week, as Brady finally opened up about the situation with Foles. The general consensus around the NFL is that Brady’s explanation was lacking, not to mention left many unsatisfied.

“Nick Foles is a hell of a player and a Super Bowl champ and I don’t know one reason or another why I wouldn’t do that,” Brady told reporters Thursday, per WEEI. “Sometimes I’ve run off of the field, sometimes I haven’t.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s anything in particular, but I have great admiration for Nick and I think that he’s a hell of a player. They’re off to a great start.”

Foles has again downplayed the situation, saying he’s not spending too much time worrying about it.

“It’s happened a few times,” Foles said. “I’m sure that some day, Tom and I will have a great conversation about it and probably just laugh at it. There’s obviously history there from a big game we both played in once, and then (the Bears-Buccaneers game on that) Thursday night. It is what it is. I think he’s a tremendous player. Some day, we’ll have a good conversation.”