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Mike Tyson punches shark, fights Godzilla in bizarre music video hyping bout

Mike Tyson has teamed up with Indie-electro duo Tiki Lau on a song to hype his upcoming bout against Roy Jones Jr., and the music video for the tune is animated … and as bizarre as all get out.

The song, eponymously titled, “Mike Tyson,” includes the lyric “lend me your ears or I’ll eat them,” which of course is a reference to the former heavyweight champ chomping down on Evander Holyfield’s ear during their 1997 fight.

The music video then takes the insanity to another level. Having an animated Tyson knock out a shark and do battle with Godzilla obviously confirms as much. To wit:

The method behind the madness was recently explained by Tiki Lau.

“Our multi-platinum Grammy-winning and legendary Tiki Lau team member Damon Elliott was in the studio with Mike Tyson and had him record the vocals then sent them over to us,” the group said of the collaboration with the boxer, per the New York Post.

“Damon is like the DJ Khaled of our group. They knew we were ready to deliver, and we did. You can’t help but get super pumped up when listening to this song.”

Beyond the surreal music video, Tyson also continues to prepare for a remarkable return to the ring later this year at the age of 54, and his rigorous workout regimen has left Tyson still a terrifying force of nature.

Tyson will face Jones Jr. in a bout that has been rescheduled to Nov. 28 from Sept. 12 in order to generate more buzz and interest. The brutality inherent to Tyson training videos — one in which he unleashes a lethal right hook on his trainer, another where he dazzles with a devastating five-punch combo during a workout — leading up to the fight will assuredly generate sufficient hype.

If not, there’s always the above video.