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Draymond Green shares advice Kobe Bryant gave him about ‘dirty’ label

Draymond Green has long been saddled with the reputation of being unafraid to cross the line on the court when it comes to playing dirty when the situation calls for it.

According to the Golden State Warriors star, Kobe Bryant once offered him sage advice on how to deal with such an unflattering label before the Los Angeles Lakers icon’s tragic death earlier this year.

Green admits that being tabbed as a dirty player has bothered him throughout his career. Appearing this week on “The Brownprint,” Green told Cari Champion how Kobe told him not to sweat what others said or thought about him.

“You’re chasing something so much bigger, so much great than the average person can understand,” Green said of Kobe’s message to him, as relayed by NBC Sports Bay Area. “The reality is 99 percent of the world is OK with mediocrity. How do you even expect them to be able to understand you?”

“Dray, I never gave a f–k if they understood me because I knew I was on to something so much bigger than they could even understand,” Green added.

Green’s reputation and aggressive style of play once led one particularly outspoken NBA talking head to say he wanted to punch the Warriors star in the face. What’s more, someone actually created a video game back in 2017 in which Green’s penchant for infamously flailing his legs, which tended to result in below-the-belt shots to opponents, is celebrated.

Green was also infamously suspended for Game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals for “unnecessary contact with a retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin” of then-Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James in Game 4.

All that being said, it’s hardly surprising that Kobe would dispense such advice to Green. After all, Bryant was one of the most ruthless competitors the NBA has ever seen. A component of that drive and determination was fueled in part by not caring one bit about the opinion of naysayers and critics.