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Frank Vogel sent message during Finals film session with ‘Old School’ scene

Coaches occasionally will seek out new and interesting ways to send a message to players, and Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel relied upon unconventional methods to accomplish as much during the NBA Finals.

Vogel made an appearance on “The Lowe Post” this week, during which he explained how a scene from the classic cult comedy “Old School” was utilized in a film session to teach the Lakers a lesson about how players on the bench were out of control during games.

It turns out the “Old School” scene Vogel used was when Frank the Tank, as portrayed by Will Ferrell, accidentally shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, which the coach hailed as the “best scene in that movie.”

“Our bench was so nuts throughout the whole playoff run — like, the celebrations, the jumping out on the court, doing the goggles,” Vogel said, as transcribed by Dime Mag. “The refs, every game, telling me, like, ‘These guys got to get back on the bench, this is out of control.’ So there was a little dust up and I wanted to sell the message that you could get suspended. If there’s an altercation, you guys are out there. You guys are crazy, I like that, but let’s make sure you guys are back.

“So that’s the scene that came to my mind, when Will Ferrell’s got a dart and his neck, and he’s looking at who goes, ‘Man, I like you, you’re crazy.’ So I said, ‘This is my message to you guys: I love the energy, I love you guys, but you’re crazy and you need to kinda get it under control.'”

Here’s the iconic scene in question:

It’s of course unclear exactly how much of an impact showing players the scene had on their behavior, but the Lakers did go on to close out the Miami Heat in six games to secure the organization’s 17th NBA title and first championship in 10 years.

All that being said, had Vogel used a different scene from “Old School,” we would have known for sure it inspired the Lakers: If players yelled, “You’re my boy, Blue!” while praising the coach during their title celebration.