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Stephon Gilmore’s wife denies husband had dinner with Cam Newton

Gabrielle Gilmore is attempting to set the record straight on a supposed dinner her husband, New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, allegedly had with Cam Newton.

It was reported after Gilmore tested positive last week for COVID-19 that the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year had dinner with his Patriots teammate, who had previously also contracted coronavirus. ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter was the original source of the reporting.

On Tuesday, Gabrielle Gilmore disputed such a dinner ever occurred in a series of tweets.

Asked about Gilmore’s tweets from the previous day, Schefter defended the veracity of his reporting Wednesday morning during an appearance on Boston’s WEEI.

Schefter went on to further defend his reporting on the purported dinner in an extensive manner, which is relayed in a report from CBS Boston filed Wednesday.

“I was doing a radio show. I don’t remember the specific language that I said,” Schefter said on WEEI. “I thought I said that they had dinner together. Maybe I said they were out to dinner. I don’t remember, OK, the semantics, again, because I don’t know exactly where they had dinner, to be perfectly frank. But I don’t believe it was out to dinner, like out in Boston. Right, but they had dinner together on Friday night.”

Testing of Patriots players last Tuesday led to Gilmore’s positive result. The Patriots canceled Wednesday’s practice session as a result.

Meanwhile, Newton tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of an Oct. 5 road game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots quarterback did not play in the game. However, Gilmore did travel with the team to K.C. and played in the game before he tested positive later in the week.

If Gilmore did have dinner with Newton after the Pats QB was known to have already tested positive presumably could open up him and the Patriots to potential punishments over violating the NFL’s stringent coronavirus protocols.

Such a possible scenario provides a logical reason why Gilmore’s wife felt compelled to dispute the allegations amid all the speculation.