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Nick Foles downplays latest handshake snub by Tom Brady

Nick Foles has found himself in familiar territory following Thursday night’s big win, as the quarterback is being confronted with questions surrounding why Tom Brady once again declined to engage in a customary postgame handshake with him.

Following the Chicago Bears’ 20-19 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night at Soldier Field, cameras covering the postgame interactions between players documented how Brady did not seek out Foles to shake hands.

It’s certainly a breach of standard postgame protocol, tradition and decorum — not to mention good sportsmanship — although there of course is some history here when it comes to Brady’s avoidance of Foles.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ upset victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII — a game in which Foles earned MVP honors — Brady failed to meet his quarterbacking counterpart at midfield after the game and exchange pleasantries.

Afterward, Foles declined to say anything negative about Brady and downplayed the entire situation. The Bears signal-caller elected to do the same during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday.

“I didn’t realize the camera was on me,” Foles told Patrick. “I was looking for him real quick. We’ll find a time down the road.”

Foles deserves credit for taking the high road here, but one has to think getting slighted yet again by Brady has to irk the journeyman quarterback at least a little bit.

It merits noting, though, that not only does Brady hate losing, a mental error late in the game — it appeared the veteran lost track of downs on the Bucs’ final drive — surely left him aggravated and surly.

That doesn’t mean Brady should get a pass on leaving Foles hanging on a handshake yet again, however. Not at all.