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Steve Kerr felt ‘kind of slimy’ after being targeted by Donald Trump

Steve Kerr has been a consistently outspoken and occasionally caustic critic of the Donald Trump administration, and doing so has made him the target of the President’s scorn.

The Golden State Warriors head coach understands being so outwardly critical Trump comes with inherent risks given the President’s temperament, but he did not enjoy how it made him feel.

When the NBA’s situation in China blew up last fall, it made for some seriously bad press for the league. The scandal arose after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey ensnared the league in controversy by expressing support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Hong.

Kerr was among myriad high-profile NBA names to address the situation, and Trump hammered the Warriors head coach by saying he was “like a little boy, he was shaking” when discussing the matter.

Appearing on the “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” podcast earlier this week, Kerr opened up about what it is like to be mocked and ridiculed by the likes of Trump, saying it was “really strange” and “very weird,” among other things.

“And I know that you know the feeling cause you were called out by him too. It felt so, kind of slimy, you know, it’s like really, like we got – you don’t have anything bigger on the agenda today? You know, and, uh, but I was also kind of ashamed because his comments came on the heels of the discussion about China after Daryl Morey’s comments. And it was probably the one time in my career where I was very unsure about what I should say. And I felt, I didn’t feel pressured by anybody, but I felt sort of cornered by my own circumstances in terms of how I should respond and my response was terrible.

“And so in some ways, I deserve the criticism that I got, but not really from the President because, you know, there was especially on the China issue – because we can go into all kinds of detail about how, you know, his relationship with the Chinese government and the trade agreement.”

As mentioned, Kerr is no stranger to calling things like he sees them when it comes to Trump, who without question has been a polarizing presence across the entire sports world throughout his presidency.

Kerr, however, recognizes how speaking out — whether on social media or otherwise — on matters like Trump’s controversial presidency or China opens him up to attacks by people who don’t share his perspective.

It’s clear, though, that Kerr not only feels it’s worth the potential consequences, it’s incumbent upon him to do so in these politically and socially charged times.