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LeBron James, NBA world react to fly on Mike Pence’s head during debate

A fly spent an inordinately agonizing amount of time atop Mike Pence’s head during Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential debate, and the NBA world took to Twitter and had some fun with the awkward spectacle of it all.

In a scene stranger than fiction, Pence was utterly unaware that the insect had set up shop on his scalp.

How long did the fly make itself at home on Pence’s head? An amazing two minutes.

Perhaps to no surprise, social media blew up in reaction to what transpired. The NBA world in particular, including Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, had jokes.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — a longtime and outspoken critic of the Donald Trump administration — could not help but feel a little bad for Pence.

There of course has been no shortage of antagonism between the NBA and the Trump administration over the past several years — and the animosity only ramped up as the league resumed play in the Walt Disney World bubble in Orlando, Fla. — so the notion that players would gleefully react to such an embarrassing sight is understandable.

What’s more, James presumably represents a majority of NBA players in that he’s fully supportive of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket ahead of Nov. 3, so how the league as a whole reacted to the Pence-fly spectacle hardly comes as a surprise.