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N.Y. congressman to James Dolan amid bitter feud: ‘Come at me, bro’

A New York congressman embroiled in a vitriolic and contentious feud with New York Knicks owner James Dolan has upped the ante to an arguably comical, but nevertheless entertaining, degree.

Max Rose is a U.S. Representative for New York’s 11th congressional district, a region that includes all of Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn. A few weeks ago, Rose, a lifelong Knicks fans, called out Dolan and suggested the perpetually embattled owner should sell the team, which has long been regarded as the laughingstock of the NBA.

A war of words and passive-aggressive actions by both parties followed, and now Rose is all but warning Dolan to watch out.

“What I will tell you is I’m not going to let Jim Dolan bully me. I’ve got swamp creatures in D.C. coming after me. I’m not worried about this guy,” Rose told told Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic. “Come at me, bro. Come at me. But you’re going to lose. Which is, by the way, something that he’s very much accustomed to. So I’m sure this won’t be cataclysmic for him; it’ll just be another loss in a long series of losses. He’s a loser. He’s got to shut up and sell the team.”

Rose got the feud started by stating last month that the Knicks under Dolan have been an “absolute disgrace” before adding Knicks fans have lost a “piece of our soul” over the years.

In response, the billionaire owner donated $50,000 last month to a PAC supporting GOP Congressional candidate Nicole Malliotakis, who is running against Rose.

Dolan claimed in an email obtained by the New York Post that Rose was politicizing the Knicks and he would not stand for it.

Under Dolan’s leadership, the Knicks have been arguably the most dysfunctional organization in all of professional sports, and some may argue it’s not even close. Rose went on to highlight how Dolan cannot even get along with franchise legends and A-list superfans.

“Again, the guy is a snowflake,” Rose said of Dolan. “He kicks fans out of the arena. Look what he did to Oakley and Charles Oakley is a legend. I’m just a congressman. Nothing would surprise me.”