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Josh McDaniels ‘incredibly impressed’ with Cam Newton’s coachability

There was some semblance of skepticism about whether Cam Newton would be a good fit on the New England Patriots, but it appears things have gone perhaps better than expected through the first three weeks of the NFL season.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels shed some light this week on perhaps why the arguably unlikely partnership between the buy-the-book Patriots and the free-wheeling and charismatic Newton has evolved so well so quickly.

According to McDaniels, it all comes down to Newton being receptive to coaching and how he’s embraced the opportunity to resurrect his NFL career.

“I have been super impressed with his humility,” he said, via NESN. “This guy has accomplished a lot in his career. Being 10 years in the league and doing all the things he has done, coming here and having no familiarity with our coaching style, our system, or the way we do things, I have been incredibly impressed with the way he’s embraced it, looks forward to it, really wants to be coached, wants to be great, wants to improve and is a great example for a lot of our younger players.

The Patriots enter a Week 4 showdown at Arrowhead Stadium with the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs boasting a 2-1 record following Sunday’s 36-20 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. Upending the defending Super Bowl champions on the road is an inordinately formidable challenge, but McDaniels is confident that he and Newton are on the same page heading into Sunday’s matchup.

“I feel very comfortable coaching him, whether it is practice, meetings, games, walkthroughs because he is such a great listener and he takes nothing personal, which, really, there’s no part of coaching that is personal,” McDaniels added. “It’s just about trying to correct and improve. He’s really done a nice job.”

There were rumblings when whispers first surfaced concerning the Patriots’ potential interest in Newton last spring that McDaniels had some reservations about bringing in the former NFL MVP. Those concerns appear to have been alleviated after the Patriots O.C. witnessed firsthand Newton’s work ethic and commitment to learning the offense.

Newton of course has never been short on confidence or swagger, and despite some trepidation that he would not thrive under Bill Belichick’s strict coaching style, both he and the Patriots have to be thrilled with how things have progressed thus far.

After all, through three games, Newton has completed 68.1% of his passes for 714 yards with two touchdowns to two interceptions for a 89.7 QB rating. Not off-the-charts passing stats by any extent, but Newton has also been doing it with his legs, rushing 35 times for 149 yards and four touchdowns.