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Tony Romo trades zingers with Stephen Colbert during ‘Late Show’ appearance

Tony Romo has segued seamlessly into broadcasting so impressively he’s already considered the best NFL game analyst in the business, and his $17 million annual salary proves it.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s ability to think on his feet has served him well in the booth alongside CBS Sports colleague Jim Nantz, and Romo showcased the same on late night television this week.

Romo made an intra-network appearance Thursday night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” During the virtual interview, Romo successfully matched wits with the host in a back-and-forth during which the two exchanged well-crafted zingers.

One exchange between Colbert and Romo was particularly amusing. When Colbert asked Romo why he didn’t get out of the NFL and become a broadcaster sooner, the following witty repartee ensued (as transcribed by Sports Illustrated).

Colbert: You do a great job at it, and there aren’t 300-pound men rushing at you trying to pulverize your femur. Did it ever occur to you that you should’ve switched over sooner?

Romo: The fact that you said “femur,” you lost me. You gotta understand, I went to Eastern Illinois, so I don’t know these big words you’re talking about.

Colbert: Really? You’ve never seen Theismann’s femur plow the field?

Romo: Wow, that was pretty good. You know about football a little.

Colbert: A little bit. I know you’re not Roger Staubach, buddy.

Romo: No question. You’re not Johnny Carson.

The case can be made that the host and guest played to a draw in their zinger battle. That said, a former Cowboys quarterback getting dragged with a comparison to Roger Staubach probably is just slightly less savage than slighting a talk show host by saying they’re no Johnny Carson, the most iconic late-night personality in television history.

Still, kudos to Romo for holding his own on Colbert’s turf.