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Randy Moss shares how Bill Belichick once ‘clowned’ him, Tom Brady

Randy Moss shared a story this week that illustrates how Bill Belichick has no tolerance whatsoever for mistakes, even if made by superstar players said gaffes occur during practice.

Moss spent three standout seasons with the New England Patriots, during which the Hall of Fame wide receiver put up phenomenal numbers while partnering with Tom Brady.

During an appearance on the “DangerTalk” podcast with Russell Wilson this week, Moss spun a yarn about how Belichick once “clowned” him and Brady over their inability to execute a simple play at practice.

Moss and Brady were apparently unable to connect on a five-yard out route during a two-minute drill. When Belichick went over the film with the team the next day, he let the two superstars have it.

“He left the offense with: ‘I got a Hall of Fame wide receiver, I got a Hall of Fame quarterback, that can’t complete a five-yard out,’” Moss recalled Belichick telling the team, per “And he said, ‘If I want a quarterback that can complete a five-yard out, I’ll go down and get the local high school quarterback at so-and-so high school.’”

Brady, Moss noted, was not smiling after Belichick’s speech. And the two All-Pros hit the practice field with added intensity.

“That let me know, ‘Hey man, ain’t no time to play today,’” Moss explained. “Whoever get out here today gonna get it, and man, we destroyed it.”

Belichick of course is a notoriously no-nonsense head coach who treats star players exactly the same as the last guy on the roster. There is no question that Belichick’s methods can come off as standoffish and overly persnickety.

That said, players more often than not respond positively to Belchick’s demanding ways. What’s more, it is hard to argue with an approach that has resulted in six Super Bowl titles.