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LeBron James shares how Anthony Davis’ unibrow can reveal his mood

Anthony Davis’ unibrow has fascinated basketball fans for years, and LeBron James recently shared how he can glean insight into his Los Angeles Lakers teammate’s mindset simply by studying it.

James has learned a lot about Davis in their first season together in L.A., and deciphering his fellow superstar’s mood via the unibrow has apparently been part of the process.

“If his brow is really low, you know not to talk to him.” James told reporters Thursday night. “If it’s higher, then he’s accepted the fact you’re allowed to come into his office and talk to him.”

James’ comments followed the Lakers’ 114-108 victory over the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Fending off the Nuggets’ furious charge leaves the Lakes with a commanding 3-1 lead, and both James and Davis played outstanding in the win.

Davis scored 34 points and added five rebounds and three assists in a team-high 41 minutes. James, meanwhile, put up 26 points, nine rebounds and eight assists in an all-round solid effort across 38 minutes.

The Lakers can close out the Nuggets with a win in Game 5 on Saturday night. Suffice to say, odds are Davis’ patented and famous unibrow will not be furrowed if the Lakers can punch their ticket to the NBA Finals with a victory.