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Julian Edelman has unique take on Bill Belichick’s tattered sweatshirt

Bill Belichick made news this week by showing up to a press conference looking quite haggard, and Julian Edelman believes it says a lot about the legendary New England Patriots head coach.

Unlike others who mocked and ridiculed Belichick, though, the longtime Patriots wide receiver believes the coach’s disheveled appearance is a testament to a single-minded commitment to his craft.

When images started to circulate on social media from Belichick’s Wednesday presser, the savagery was swift. To be fair to the social media wisenheimers, Belichick did resemble someone who might sleep under a bridge instead of an iconic head coach who has won six Super Bowls.

Addressing Belichick’s slovenly appearance Friday morning on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” Edelman put an interesting spin on the situation.

“The respect level goes up the roof for a guy just doesn’t care what he looks like,” Edelman said of Belichick. “He just cares about results and getting the job done.”

Belichick has long been known for his “hobo chic” sense of style, which should go without saying given how much attention has been paid to his penchant for cutting off the sleeves off his tattered sweatshirts.

So much so, in fact, that his patented look was utilized for comedic fodder in a Subway commercial starring Belichick that debuted a few weeks ago.

Edelman’s perspective of how Belichick presented himself at a presser this week is unique and arguably astute. One ex-Patriots player, on the other hand, got in on the snark by piling on his his former coach.