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Ex-Patriot Danny Woodhead zings Bill Belichick over tattered sweatshirt

Bill Belichick’s slovenly appearance while meeting with the media Wednesday — a disheveled look topped by a terribly tattered sweatshirt — was the talk of the NFL once images began circulating on social media.

To say the completely unkempt manner in which the New England Patriots head coach presented himself was primed for parody would be an understatement. In fact, it was the epitome of comedic low hanging fruit. To wit:

Former NFL running back Danny Woodhead, who played for Belichick for three seasons from 2010-12, was among the countless social media wisenheimers who reacted to the coach’s haggard appearance.

Belichick’s affinity for what can only be referred to as a “hobo-chic” fashion sense has long been documented. The notoriously iconic sense of style out of Belichick is unparalleled when compared to his fellow NFL head coaches.

So much so, in fact, that his patented look was utilized for comedic fodder in a Subway commercial starring Belichick that debuted a few weeks ago.

It was previously argued on these pages that Belichick achieved the pinnacle of said hobo-chic fashion a few seasons back during a notable presser. With Wednesday’s press conference fashion show, however, there’s without question a new leader in the proverbial clubhouse.