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Mike Tomlin: ‘No reaction’ to NFL coaches being fined for mask violations

A handful of NFL head coaches and their teams have been fined by the league for violating sideline mask protocols during Week 2’s slate of games.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin pointed out this week that he has no issue with wearing masks during games, and that he doesn’t have much to add to the conversation surrounding his head-coaching colleagues failing to adhere to league-mandated safety standards.

 “I have no reaction,” Tomlin replied when asked about the NFL bringing down the hammer with fines, per Steelers Depot. “For me, personally, I’m just thankful to be working. A lot of us are not able to in this pandemic circumstance. I don’t take that for granted. I just want to show a good example and show that I’m thankful for working. I try to be as diligent as I can.”

Five head coaches and their respective teams in total were fined for mask protocol violations in Week 2. Vic Fangio, Pete Carroll and Kyle Shanahan were all fined $100,000 for violating COVID-19 gameday policies and procedures. The Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers were also fined $250,000 each for their head coach’s violations, respectively.

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and their teams later received the same fines for doing the same during their showdown on “Monday Night Football.”

With over $1 million in fines levied on head coaches and teams for Week 2 transgressions, the NFL is making it clear that there will be little leeway when it comes to COVID-19 protocols during games. That much should have been made clear with the memo the NFL issued ahead of Week 2.

It will be interesting to see if all head coaches heed the NFL’s explicit warnings in Week 3. It certainly appears that Tomlin won’t be among those coaches who haven’t yet gotten the message.