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LeBron James accused of being ‘Illuminati wizard’ by conspiracy theorist

A right-wing conspiracy theorist and well-known YouTube personality has warned her followers that LeBron James may in fact be an “Illuminati wizard” capable of conjuring demons.

Sheila Zilinsky, who boasts over 112,000 subscribers and racked up over 12 million views on her YouTube page, recently suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers star’s patented pregame routine of tossing up chalk into the air is actually part of an incantation in a demonic ritual.

“The sports world calls it a chalk toss, but it’s simply disguise for what he’s really doing,” Zilinsky explains, as transcribed by Clutch Points. “A high level conjuring, a spell, an incantation from this Illuminati wizard, where he’s summoning demons. I believe he’s conjuring up demons before every game. Plain and simple.”

“Plain and simple” might be underplaying the sinister scope of James’ ability to wield the dark arts for his own on-court devices just a bit, but here we are.

As far as James’ chalk toss goes, demonic conspiracy theories aside, the pregame “ritual” became part and parcel of James’ routine during his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, though he did execute the move sporadically during his time with the Miami Heat and upon his return to the Cavs.

Interestingly, James hinted at bringing the chalk toss back ahead of the 2019-20 season.

Operating under the incredibly sane assumption that James is indeed not an Illuminati wizard, the Lakers superstar nevertheless hopes to conjure up the forces necessary to lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals … presumably while eschewing black magic, of course.

James’ ongoing quest continues as the Lakers seek to upend the upstart Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. The magic starts with a Game 1 showdown on Friday night.