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Erin Andrews jokes about being unflatteringly depicted on ‘TNF’ cake

It’s already been a strange start to the 2020 NFL season for Erin Andrews and her NFL on FOX broadcast colleagues. Things got a little weirder ahead of the “Thursday Night Football” showdown between the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

The entire broadcast crew apparently was presented with cakes ahead of this week’s “TNF” game. The first cake was decorated with the faces of play-by-play man Joe Buck and color commentator Troy Aikman. The second one featured Andrews and fellow sideline reporter Kristina Pink.

No evidence has surfaced thus far of the Buck-Aikman cake. Andrews, however, shared evidence in an Instagram story of the one with her and Pink on it.

Andrews’ nonplussed reaction to the dessert’s unflattering depiction of her face, though, is what really … takes the cake.

“How cute is this? Wait for it, wait for it,” Andrews said. “Why does my nose looks like that? I appreciate the effort, but uhhhh.”

One cannot help but feel a little bad for the pastry chef behind the Andrews-Pink cake. Odds are he or she did their level best to create a confectionery masterpiece, but things for whatever reason went off the rails just a tad.

Fortunately, for lack of a better word, said person can take solace in how this is not the first time a sports-themed cake probably would have been relegated to the “Nightmare Fuel” category on “Cake Wars,” if there ever were such an unfortunate designation.