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Mike Tyson unleashes lethal right hook in latest training video

Mike Tyson continues preparations for a remarkable return to the ring later this year at the age of 54, and the release of each and every jaw-dropping training video further establishes that the former champ remains one intimidating force of nature.

In training footage shared this week, Tyson is shown unleashing a lethal right hook to the head of trainer Rafael Cordeiro of Kings MMA, who originally shared the video on Instagram.

“Precision,” quips Cordeiro, who luckily was not left seriously injured by the punishing blow.

Tyson will face former boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in a bout that has been rescheduled to Nov. 28 from Sept. 12 in order to generate more buzz and interest. The brutality inherent to the Tyson training videos leading up to the fight almost assuredly will generate sufficient hype.

Of course, beyond the above footage, evidence of how Tyson remains in incredibly good shape and still possesses impressive speed and intimidating power at the advanced age of 54 has surfaced in recent months.

The video shared by Cordeiro this week, then, is simply further proof that Tyson is serious about his first return to the professional ranks since a loss in 2005 to Kevin McBride. However, he did strap on the gloves in 2006 for an exhibition bout against Corey Sanders.

Tyson, despite the lengthy layoff, recently stated he feels “unconquerable” thanks to a grueling workout and training regimen.

“At the end of the day, I am an entertainer,” Tyson said on the “Joe Rogan Podcast,” per DAZN. “But after they watch this fight, people are going to be very careful not to make jokes about me.”

It merits noting that the California State Athletic Commission has cautioned that the Tyson-Jones Jr. bout is more of a showcase than a legitimate boxing match. However, the eight-round fight will be fully sanctioned and scored by a recognized sanctioning body.

Regardless of the nature of the fight, the sheer spectacle of the bout should generate some huge pay-per-view numbers.