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Cam Newton on jitters ahead of Patriots debut: ‘I don’t get butterflies, I give ’em’

Cam Newton has never been short on self-confidence, and the quarterback’s patented swagger was on full display when addressing his impending debut with the New England Patriots.

The former MVP predictably claimed the Patriots’ starting quarterback job — although the notoriously tight-lipped Bill Belichick has declined to confirm as much — and will be under center against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

When asked if adjusting to a new team following a long injury layoff has left him with any pregame jitters or shaken his confidence, Newton delivered a brilliant line.

“I don’t get butterflies,” Newton said with a smile to indicate his comment was of the tongue-in-cheek variety, per “I give ’em.”

Newton went on to say in a more serious vein that he has to “remind myself that I’ve been here before,” which will help ensure he’s ready to go.

“I’ve been playing in a lot of games in my life, a lot of opening days, to a lot of impactful, meaningful games, and at this particular point in my career I know how to control myself,” Newton added.

It goes without saying that Newton has some big shoes to fill given he’s replacing the legendary Tom Brady. The veteran quarterback has repeatedly made it clear that the daunting task has not overwhelmed him.

Newton arrived on the Patriots with an sizable chip on his shoulder after languishing in free agency following his release by the Carolina Panthers. Further, the desire to prove his doubters wrong and shed his injury-prone label is all the motivation he needs.

With his Patriots debut looming in a few days, Newton made it clear he is sufficiently amped up for the opportunity to resurrect his career.

“Excitement level is on 1,000,” Newton said. “I’m excited, happy. Just to get back into the rhythm of game week — the preparation, the little nuggets that you can often forget.”