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Jerry Jones ‘sensitive’ to disparate views of kneeling during anthem

Jerry Jones continues to ride the proverbial fence when it comes to how the Dallas Cowboys intend to handle any potential player protests during the national anthem this season.

The Cowboys owner’s latest comments on the polarizing issue came Tuesday during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan Radio in Dallas. During the interview, Jones highlighted how players view the act of kneeling during the anthem stands in stark contrast to how fans feel about it.

“That is a huge issue. Huge. You know by just the nature of the way that I run the team how much I appreciate the interest that’s in the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said. “Now I know there’s interest just because they want to see us get beat, but still the big interest is there. I’m very sensitive to that.

“That’s exactly why I’ve said that I want our players to be very sensitive to just how important it is to the majority of our fans, more than any other team, the majority of our fans how sensitive they are recognizing what this great country is and what this flag stands for.”

Last week, Jones pledged that the Cowboys will “move the ball forward when it comes to social justice issues, regardless of whether or not the team will permit players to kneel during the anthem.

Jones’ comments in recent weeks do not necessarily align with how the Cowboys organization has made it abundantly clear to its players on multiple occasions in recent years that any act of protest during the national anthem would not be tolerated. That said, Jones began moving in the direction of acceptance for weeks now.

It does merit noting, however, that Jones participated in a “demonstration of unity” during a Week 3 game in 2017 when he locked arms and kneeled with players before the anthem. He then stood when the anthem was played, however.

It stands to reason Jones hopes to resolve the issue this season in a similar manner. Jones even recently proposed offering a potential compromise with the team’s players in order to avoid a standoff over the issue.

However, but Cowboys players are not expected to be amenable to such a resolution given some pointed comments from a handful of high-profile players, including superstar quarterback Dak Prescott.