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Bill Belichick showcases ‘acting’ chops in second Subway spot

Bill Belichick’s star turn for Subway continues, as a second commercial featuring the New England Patriots head coach’s for the restaurant hit social media on Wednesday.

The brief six-second spot features Belichick sitting on a bench contently munching on a footlong sub.

To say that Belichick really chews the scenery in this short spot would be an understatement … as well as a literal breakdown of his acting.

The above commercial follows Belichick’s debut that surfaced Tuesday in which he confronts a random guy on the street carrying around fried chicken. The curmudgeonly Patriots coach then cuts off the sleeves on the man’s suit, which is a great nod to his notoriously iconic hobo chic sense of style.

It turns out Belichick’s decision to make a foray into the endorsement world stems in large part from how the partnership benefitted his foundation.

“The Bill Belichick Foundation was recently the beneficiary of a partnership between Head Coach Bill Belichick and Subway® Restaurants, the world’s largest restaurant chain,” the statement reads.
“As a result, a contribution was made to the Bill Belichick Foundation, which will help continue providing resources including sports equipment and funding to student athletes and programs resuming competition.

“The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have affected sports at all levels, with season cancellations and reduction of resources. We are grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to do our jobs to reach organizations providing athletic experiences and opportunities for underprivileged youth.”

Belichick recently conceded that committing to taking part in these commercials was a completely new experience for him.

“I haven’t ever done anything like that,” Belichick said of the shoot earlier this summer. “It was a fun commercial to do. And everybody loves sandwiches, so hopefully, they will be OK with it. I know I’m going to get killed in the rookie shows on this. I know that’s going to happen, but I’ll just have to swallow it.”

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time we’ll see Belichick showcasing his method acting talents in this kind of spot. Given the novelty of it all, though, that’s probably the case.