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Tom Brady shares video of him rushing to react to Bucs’ tweet praising defense

Tom Brady fired off a tweet Monday in response to one from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which the team’s social media squad showcased the defense having the upper hand on a play during camp.

In the Twitter dispatch reacting to the tweet, Brady jokingly showcased his legendary rushing “talents”against the Bucs’ vaunted defense, not to mention his willingness to employ self-deprecating humor on social media.

It all started with the Buccaneers tweeting out footage of the defense making a solid play on a pass attempt by Brady during Monday’s training camp session.

“Nothing gets past this defense,” the tweet read.

Brady clearly took the footage of his pass getting broken up as a perceived slight, albeit in presumed jest, so he responded by sharing video of how he “carved up” the Bucs D with a short-yardage rush.

“Except for your boy,” Brady replied.

The six-time Super Bowl champ obviously didn’t win that many championships because of his running prowess. In fact, his infamous 5.28-second 40-yard dash at the 2000 NFL Combine made it clear he would not excel at the professional level by being fleet of foot.

The fact that Brady was never considered a running threat whatsoever even inspired the curmudgeonly Bill Belichick to once troll him over his utter lack of mobility. 

That doesn’t mean Brady doesn’t have a good sense of humor about how he’s dogged for being the epitome of the immobile quarterback. Earlier this offseason, Brady made note of the rise of mobile quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, among others, in the NFL.

Brady apparently did not want to be left behind the times, so he declared 2020 the “year of the mobile quarterback” on Instagram while jokingly including himself part of the running QB movement.

In other words, Brady’s always-solid social media game appears to be in midseason form heading into the 2020 campaign.