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Joe Judge pushes back against critics of coaching style

Joe Judge has raised some eyebrows with the unique way he has conducted the first training camp of his head-coaching career with the New York Giants.

Despite some questions being raised about his rigidly no-nonsense approach, the first-year Giants head coach insists he is being his authentic self and not attempting to emulate anyone else.

Judge served in various roles on Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots’ coaching staff from 2012-19. Evidence thus far clearly suggests he shares Belichick’s views on how to establish a culture of accountability.

The similarities between how Belichick handles his business and how Judge has conducted his first training camp has led to the belief that the rookie Giants head coach is simply stealing a page out of his mentor’s playbook.

That’s not the case, Judge insists.

“I’m doing everything in my own personality. I am not trying to imitate or emulate anybody,” Judge, the first-year Giants’ coach, said during a Tuesday appearance on ESPN Radio, as transcribed by the New York Post. “It’s got to be genuine and it’s got to be sincere. You know how it is — if you lie to the players you’re going to lose them forever because they’ll see right through that.

“So I’m me and I think our players have a pretty good feel for who I am. I’m pretty straightforward with those guys. I don’t have a lot of time to mix fluff and try to make everything all sunshine and rainbows. I think that it’s my responsibility to tell them the straight truth so they can work on improving what they have to and we can get better as a team.”

Among the unconventional methods Judge has employed at camp is how he had his offensive assistants run laps with players after losing patience with unit-wide mistakes a few weeks back.

All indications suggest that players, including standout running back Saquon Barkley, among others, have cautiously welcomed Judge’s rigid approach to his first training camp, at least publicly.

If his methods lead to regular-season success, odds are players will end up being completely onboard with Judge’s manner of doing things.