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Kevin Durant admits to still using burner accounts on social media

Kevin Durant was busted for using burner accounts on social media a few years ago, and the Brooklyn Nets superstar recently admitted to still using them despite the ridicule he endured over them.

Appearing on Barstool Sports’ “The Corp” podcast this week, Durant opened up about his burner account scandal. While doing so, Durant explained why he continues to rely on such subversive social media methods.

“I still have burners I use, for sure. I have a burner Twitter account still,” Durant revealed. “See, when people use that burner thing against me they only thought I was on there just to talk [expletive]. I was really indulging in a lot of different communities on my burners. So when I deleted it, I was like, ‘What the [expletive]. These people really made me delete something I enjoy,’ which is my burner account.

“So I got another one. Talk to friends, just to kinda do my own thing on the side. But I’m at my peak on Twitter. I think a lot of my followers enjoy my content.”

Durant did admit he “felt embarrassed” when his burner accounts were brought to light, but it’s clear that those initial feelings ultimately did not sway him from continuing to utilize them.

Durant can be notoriously sensitive to criticism at times, which helps explain in part his motivation to seek anonymity on Twitter in certain instances. The enigmatic star is also known for getting into Twitter spats with random people when the mood suits him.

All that said, the Nets star’s remarks on the podcast this week echo what he had to say last year when he explained why he created burner accounts in the first place. It’s clear he hasn’t changed his stance when it comes to occasionally going incognito on social media, and he doesn’t care what people think about it.