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Bucs’ Ryan Jensen happy to accommodate Tom Brady’s odd center quirk

Tom Brady is notoriously particular about what he expects out of centers, and his new snap partner on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the six-time Super Bowl champion happy.

Brady’s arguably odd quirk involves being quite persnickety about his centers avoiding excessive posterior perspiration. Bucs center Ryan Jensen recently opened up about the processes involved to accommodate Brady’s sweat-averse stance.

“He started talking about the sweat and what he’s had centers do in the past,” Jensen said of Brady this week, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I knew it was coming. I’d seen an article last year or so talking about just that so I knew that conversation was going to be had.”

One component of Brady’s focus on a seamless quarterback-center relationship includes his demand that a towel to be worn near the center’s rear-end region.

“I just wasn’t sure what it would be like at first but, it’s a pretty easy transition,” Jensen said of the towel. “And now it’s just a couple extra things during practice I got to do, change out the towel, add a little bit more powder. It’s really not a burden at all for me.”

Brady’s centers over the years have gone to great lengths to avoid sweating too much, perhaps none more than current New England Patriot David Andrews.

“I have actually tried to train my body not to sweat,” Andrews said last season. “So, I would sit in the sauna and just try not to (sweat). It didn’t work.”

Interestingly enough, Brady didn’t wait long to lay the groundwork with Jensen concerning center posterior sweat avoidance protocol. The veteran signal-caller made it a point to address the situation with Jensen during one of their first on-field workouts back in May. Anything to keep the GOAT happy, right?