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Auction house disputes Michael Strahan’s claim SB jersey isn’t authentic

Goldin Auctions denies that it is selling a fake jersey believed to have been worn by Michael Strahan in Super Bowl XLII, an allegation reportedly forwarded by the Hall of Famer himself earlier this week.

Last week, Goldin Auctions listed the jersey at the center of the dispute, touting it as the one worn by Strahan during the New York Giants’ 17-14 upset victory over the New England Patriots on Feb. 3, 2008.

Strahan is said to be “adamant” that he is in possession of his game-worn Super Bowl jersey. According to TMZ Sports, Strahan says he handed off his No. 92 jersey to a pal after the game and it now is displayed in his home.

Amid Strahan’s allegations that the jersey in the sports memorabilia dealer’s possession cannot be his game-worn jersey, Goldin Auctions has countered by indicating the real jersey was passed off to the Giants equipment manager and has now ended up in their possession.

Ken Goldin, Goldin Auctions Founder and CEO told TMZ Sports that two prominent photo match experts — Mei Grey and Resolution Photo Matching ServiceĀ — examined the jersey in the auction house’s possession. Both agree the jersey is authentic.

“We are 100% confident the Strahan jersey in the auction is authentic,” Goldin said. “And the photo matching services letters and images speak for themselves.”

Goldin Auctions intends to continue the auction amid the controversy, and the jersey is expected to fetch bids in the range of $100,000 before the auction closes later this week. Currently, the leading bid stands at $42,000, per the lot detail listing.