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Lamar Jackson ‘actually shed tears’ when he saw himself on ‘Madden 21’ cover

Lamar Jackson recently admitted to weeping a little bit the first time he saw himself on the cover of the upcoming “Madden 21.”

The superstar Baltimore Ravens quarterback and reigning NFL MVP opened up about his initial reaction to achieving cover-athlete status during an interview with NFL legend Steve Smith shared this week on YouTube.

“They revealed to me the cover early,” Jackson said. “I don’t cry about stuff. I didn’t cry when I won the Heisman, I didn’t cry when I won all the other accolades. But when I seen the cover, I actually shed tears, like, ‘What the? It’s unreal.’”

EA Sports officially announced that Jackson will grace the cover of “Madden 21 MVP Edition” back in June.

Jackson reacted to the honor by tweeting feeling “[b]lessed is an understatement.”

Jackson has not been pleased with everything “Madden 21”-related, however. When the player ratings were released, Jackson only netted a 94, which put him behind fellow NFL star quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson. Suffice to say, Jackson was not impressed.

“I wish it was better,” Jackson said. “But hey, it’s better than what it was last year.”

In the end, however, it goes without saying Jackson was left extremely honored and humbled by being named the iconic video game’s cover athlete for 2021.