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Jake Fromm: Racist texts result of ‘being naive, young and immature’

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm admitted to the media Friday that the racist tweets he posted in 2019 while still a member of the Georgia Bulldogs were the result of his “lack of perspective” and “being naive, young and immature.”

Fromm’s appearance Friday marked the first time he has addressed reporters since the scandal erupted in June when screenshots of the tweets in question were shared online.

“That’s not where my heart is,” Fromm said, per Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN. “The one thing that I want to do here on this earth is love God and love people, and I fell short of that. I want to make amends and really be better from here on out so that I can earn their trust and really bring something to this football team.”

In the tweets dated March 16, 2019, Fromm wrote “guns are good” before adding, “Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.”

Shortly after the tweets were exposed, Fromm issued an apology, again on social media.

Fromm added Friday that he’s working to “seeing the world through a different lens” and that he’s “learning” and “getting better” in the process.

“My plan here in this organization is to earn everything here, earn the trust of my teammates, treat people with respect and ultimately perform well on the field,” Fromm said. “Out of this building, that’s educating myself, staying really close to my friends that are on the other side, having those conversations and really helping out however I can.

“Being available, I think, is one of the most important things that I can do and be willing to help in whatever situation that’s thrown my way.”

Fromm, whom the Bills selected in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, addressed the team shortly after the tweets were made public. Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said in June that the rookie will have to work at earning the trust of his teammates. According to his comments Friday, it appears Fromm is making every effort to do so.