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Washington Football Team unveils updated helmet

Amid ongoing and increasingly relentless condemnation over its controversial nickname, Washington’s NFL organization announced late last month that it will go by the “Washington Football Team” for the foreseeable future until a new moniker is officially adopted at a still-unspecified time.

As part of the ongoing overhaul and organization-wide rebranding, the NFL team unveiled its updated helmet this week. The new burgundy and gold headgear removes the iconography that has long inspired widespread criticism over it being culturally and racially insensitive to Native Americans.

The Washington Football Team made the new helmet official in a series of tweets shared this week.

The new helmet certainly boast a sleek, classic look, and odds are the team’s fans — not to mention longtime critics of the organization’s previous refusal to change its offensive nickname and associated symbols — will welcome the change.

As an added plus for the Washington Football Team, it appears the social media rollout of the new helmet was pulled off without a hitch. The same can’t be said for how the team comically botched the unveiling of its new uniforms last month.