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LeBron James: ‘Pretty cool’ to see I Promise students as virtual fans

During the Los Angeles Lakers’ 105-86 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, students from LeBron James’ I Promise School were spotted in the “stands” as virtual fans.

James of course found the development a refreshing surprise amid the surreal scene inherent to playing basketball in the Orlando, Fla., bubble.

“My mom texted me after the game and told me,” James said, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic. “I didn’t get a chance to see them. But I seen, my mom sent me a clip of it after the game. And that was pretty, pretty cool.”

The scene of I Promise School students cheering on the NBA superstar who founded their highly acclaimed learning institution in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, was further enhanced by how one of them shared a virtual high-five with none other then hip-hop icon Lil’ Wayne.

James’ I Promise School has been an incredible success and earned widespread accolades since its inception in 2018. James’ contributions to the school elicited praise from Barack and Michelle Obama for his dedication to the educational initiatives championed by the school. When James opened the school, he hailed it as “one of the greatest moments of my life.”

What’s more, a book inspired the school that marks James’ literary debut is slated from release next week. Between the book and the students’ virtual appearance at Wednesday’s game, James continues to be inspired by the youngsters back in Akron.

What’s more, the students’ presence, despite it solely being the work of clever technology, probably took some of sting away from Wednesday’s disheartening loss.