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Jimmy Garoppolo again insists Tom Brady rumors didn’t bother him

There was chatter before Tom Brady settled on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his free-agency destination that the San Francisco 49ers considered making a run at the six-time Super Bowl champion.

The chatter arguably should have inspired considerable concern for incumbent starter Jimmy Garoppolo, but the 49ers signal-caller has again insisted he had no worries over being usurped by his onetime New England Patriots teammate.

“When all that was going on, you hear about it and things like that,” Garoppolo said Tuesday, per Nick Wagoner of ESPN. “But I really wasn’t too worried. I’m always confident in my play. I know what I put out there (last) season and everything like that. It’s all about being confident. It’s just part of the business. I’ve seen both sides of it, so I’ve been there.”

Sources indicated during Brady’s offseason deliberations that the 49ers held “brief internal conversations” about pursuing the three-time NFL MVP, but discussions never evolved into a legitimate pursuit of the star.

As noted, Garoppolo did previously downplay the Brady rumors, and it stands to reason he now can put the entire narrative behind him as training cap gets underway. Unfortunately for Garoppolo, the storyline surrounding him will likely transition into how his subpar performance in the 49ers’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV has been widely panned.

That’s not to say Garoppolo doesn’t have support within the 49ers organization. Beyond the front office and coaching staff, both Richard Sherman and George Kittle have gone to bat for him amid the widespread criticism of his play in a Super Bowl loss in which the team blew a 10-point lead in an 31-20 loss.

Garoppolo would like nothing more than to turn the page on the unflattering Brady and Super Bowl narratives. Heading into Niners training camp fully healthy this time, Garoppolo is eager to get things going.

“It’s definitely night and day compared to where it was last year at this time,” Garoppolo said.