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Bruce Arians: Tom Brady will get ‘cussed out’ like any other player

Tom Brady obviously has the championship pedigree and established reputation that leads to the suspicion that some coaches conceivably could choose to treat him differently than other players.

That certainly was not the case with the demanding Bill Belichick in New England, of course, and it doesn’t sound like it will change now that the six-time Super Bowl winner has changed teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians went on record Wednesday to state that Brady will not be treated with kid gloves, not by him or any other member of his staff.

Arians told reporters during a video conference call that he will treat Brady likeĀ “just another guy” on the team. What’s more, Arians insists the three-time NFL MVP will get “cussed out just like everybody else.”

“It’s no different that way,” Arians added.

The notion that Brady would receive preferential treatment when compared to his less well-established teammates is hardly a new narrative. That being said, Arians is a lot like Belichick in that he’s fostered a reputation of being a no-nonsense coach who won’t put up with things out of players who disappoint him.

Aside from Arians laying out how Brady will be treated like every other player on the roster, the Bucs head coach has been nothing but complimentary about how the 43-year-old quarterback has conducted himself during his initial time with the organization.

Late last month, Arians said Brady is “way ahead of the curve” when it comes to learning the Bucs’ offense. Such continued and exemplary commitment to learning the playbook — not to mention a relentless dedication to his craft — surely won’t result it Brady getting “cussed out” anytime soon.