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Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to mock himself over horrible first pitch

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently joined the ranks of poor souls who have made humiliating ceremonial first pitches, much to his understandable dismay.

In the wake of the embarrassing scene that played out at Nationals Park last week, the esteemed director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases continues to mock himself over the wholly subpar display of pitching. And arguably for good reason, as the damning video establishes.

During an appearance Thursday on the ESPN Daily podcast, Fauci kept up the act of verbal self-flagellation that has been his go-to move to the incident.

“I had been practicing for 2 days before at a walk down that I thought was 60 feet, but it was really probably 45 feet,” Fauci said, as transcribed by TMZ Sports.

“I was throwing and throwing and throwing and I got it right but only it was at 45 feet!”

“And I kind of hurt my arm because I haven’t thrown a baseball literally in decades.”

Fauci, a longtime Washington Nationals fan who has been providing myriad sports leagues valuable input amid their respective returns, previously mentioned how practicing for his first pitch left him with a bum arm. He elaborated on the aftermath of that workout injury again on Thursday.

“So, as I was getting ready to go out on the mound, my arm was killing me — but I said hell, I could suck it up and just throw it the way I had been practicing,” Fauci added.

Fauci of course is not alone in the pantheon of people who have been mocked and ridiculed over horrific first pitches, with 50 Cent arguably heading up the group with perhaps the worst one of all time.

What’s more, much like the hip hop legend, Fauci also got himself his own Topps card “celebrating” his big mound moment, and it’s been wildly popular.

Perhaps the card’s popularity will take away some of the sting for Fauci. But probably not.