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Luka Doncic nearly taken out by sideline camera, mop during scrimmage

Luka Doncic had himself one eventful evening during Tuesday’s scrimmage against the Philadelphia 76ers, as the Dallas Mavericks star was nearly taken out by both a robotic sideline camera and a mop, of all things, during the exhibition.

To start things off, Doncic almost got trucked by an NBA sideline camera while chasing down a loose ball. The Mavs superstar just narrowly avoided getting clipped by the video equipment as it moved on a track running down the side of the court..

In another close call that almost defies logic, Doncic was almost tripped up by a mop being used to clean up sweat off the court during a break in the action.

Given there were some concerns about Doncic’s readiness for the NBA’s resumption beginning July 30 at the Walt Disney World Resort’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla., he needed all the action he could get … just not the kind of action documented in the above videos.

Tuesday’s scrimmage marked the Mavs’ final tuneup before Friday’s tilt against the Houston Rockets in both teams’ opening of the NBA’s eight-game seeding schedule. The Mavericks and their fans probably were not too keen on the two close calls Doncic encountered during a meaningless scrimmage.

While the near pratfalls are comical in hindsight, that Doncic could have gotten injured in both incidents made them no laughing matter at the time.