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Is LeBron James enjoying Taco Tuesday feasts in NBA’s Orlando bubble?

Taco Tuesday is a time-honored tradition in the LeBron James household, but is the Los Angeles Lakers superstar able to enjoy his customary early-week feast while locked down in the NBA bubble in Orlando?

It appears that James may be indeed chowing down on some of his favorite fare, at least according to footage shared of him excitedly and loudly exclaiming “TACO TUESDAY!”

In the video, fellow Lakers star Anthony Davis — who once enjoyed a Taco Tuesday at LeBron’s home — can be be seen reacting to James bellowing out his proclamation, which does include what arguably can be referred to as somewhat culturally insensitive vocalizations.

It’s unclear whether or not James did indeed actually enjoy tacos on Tuesday, but NBA players are afforded a wide range of culinary options because of access to various restaurants on the Disney World campus. Odds are one of the available establishments features tacos on its menu.

Interestingly enough, James did partake in one last Taco Tuesday at his home in L.A. before traveling to Orlando. What made it comical was it came at a time when the first NBA players settling in at the bubble were bemoaning the quality of meal options, which the league quickly rectified in short order in response.

What’s more, there were rumors that King James is receiving preferential treatment in the bubble at Disney World. If that’s the case, there is no doubt James feasted on some delicious tacos on Tuesday night.