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Bills fan’s obituary memorializes her deep hatred of Tom Brady

Carole Scarsella passed away on July 19, and the longtime Buffalo Bills fan’s obituary made it clear she had no love whatsoever for Tom Brady, who of course tormented her favorite NFL team for two decades as a member of the division-rival New England Patriots.

Scarsella, a native of Buffalo suburb Lackawanna, also loved the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. It was her hatred of Brady, however, that resonated the most in her obituary.

“She was an avid sports fan,” the obituary read. “She loved the New York Yankees and LeBron James. She HATED Tom Brady.”

The obituary was penned by Scarsella’s daughter Norma Milholland. Her granddaughter surfaced on Twitter as Scarsella’s obit began making the rounds on social media to acknowledge that Bills fans almost universally share her grandmother’s vitriolic distaste for Brady.

“I can’t imagine what she would say about all the attention she’s getting…” her granddaughter added in a subsequent tweet, “but I’m sure she would love the message being passed on!”

It’s not uncommon in the least for an obituary to feature some comment or reference to the deceased’s sports loyalties, or in the above case, extreme dislike for a rival team or player.

Interestingly enough in light of Ms. Scarsella’s obit that extols her NFL fandom — and hatred of Brady — it was only a few years ago that long-suffering and embittered Bills fan used his obituary to take one final parting shot at the team that clearly had been a source of personal misery for many, many years.