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Washington Football Team called out for error in updated uniform graphic

It was announced Thursday that Washington’s NFL organization will go by the “Washington Football Team” for the foreseeable future until a new moniker is officially adopted at some unspecified point.

Along with the rollout of the temporary name, the team also unveiled images documenting the uniform change needed to accommodate the update.

An eagle-eyed individual on Twitter, however, noticed that the graphic the Washington Football Team utilized for the mock-up image had one regrettable mistake: A soccer goal can be seen in the background of the template graphic.

As noted above, the image the team opted to use to create the mock-up graphic could be found on the first page of a Google search, suggesting a lazy, half-hearted effort.

The soccer goal in the background of the image of course is not the biggest deal in the grand scheme of things. That being said, it can be argued that the lack of attention to detail is emblematic of the Dan Snyder regime that has presided over perhaps the most dysfunctional organization in all of professional sports in recent years.

Making matters even worse for the Washington Football Team is how the numbingly generic temporary name was widely mocked and ridiculed on social media, even by some of the biggest names in sports.